Spatial Data Infrastructure and Public Sector Innovation  


2011/04/28 FLAGIS Studiedag
2010/12/02 Staten-Generaal 'Vlaanderen Geoland': Geo-informatie gevraagd
2010/11/25 AGIV-trefdag 2010, Gent
2010/10/17 Phd Student Workshop: Sharing SDI Research Approaches, Singapore
2010/09/30 Grensoverschrijdend geo-onderwijs in Vlaanderen en Nederland
2010/09/23 Betere dienstverlening met Enterprise Architectuur
2010/09/21 Workshop case ongevallen
2010/08/31 Workshop case adressen
2010/06/22 EuroSDR-project Atlas of INSPIRE Implementation methods, Krakow, Poland
2010/03/19 Workshop on legal aspects of geographic data and spatial data
, Leuven
2010/01/14-15 EuroSDR-project Atlas of INSPIRE Implementation methods


AGIV Trefdag, Ghent, Belgium
2009/11/19-20 eSDInet+ Conference, Torino, Italy
2009/06/16-19 GSDI-11 & INSPIRE 2009, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2009/06/15 Pre-conference workshop on SDI, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2009/06/14 Workshop: Theory-based SDI research: North and South
Delft, The Netherlands
2009/06/02-05 AGILE 2009, Hannover, Germany
2009/04/29 Staten-Generaal Vlaanderen Geoland, Brussels, Belgium
2009/04/28 eSDInet+ Workshop, Brussels, Belgium
2009/04/30 EuroSDR, Brussels, Belgium
2009/02/27 Meeting Utility Group, Leuven, Belgium
2009/02/13 Spatialist Workshop: Assessing SDI Impact on Society, Havana, Cuba
2009/02/09-12 Geomatica 2009, Havana, Cuba
2009/01/16 VVSG GIS workgroup, Brussels, Belgium
mei 2008 AGILE 2008 Preconference Workshop, Girona, Spanje, presentaties
oktober 2007 EuroSDR, Brussel - Poster presentatie (pdf)

2009/02/09-12: Geomatica 2009, Havana, Cuba

  • Joep Crompvoets: Future of SDI-performance assessment (pdf)
  • Danny Vandenbroucke and Jos Van Orshoven: SDI performance from a technological perspective (pdf)
  • Ezra Dessers and Geert Van Hootegem: SDI performance from an organizational perspective (pdf)
  • Glenn Vancauwenberghe and Geert Bouckaert: Public administration view on SDI performance: lessons from e-government (pdf)
  • Katleen Janssen and Jos Dumortier: SDI performance from a legal perspective (pdf)
  • Tessa Geudens and Cathy Macharis: Actor oriented performance assessment (pdf)
  • Meer info: Geomatica 2009

AGILE 2008 Preconference Workshop, Girona, Spanje, mei 2008

  • Welcome and Introduction (Danny Vandenbroucke): presentation
  • Multi- and Interdisciplinary SDI Research in Practice: Challenges and Pitfalls (Joep Crompvoets): abstract - presentation
  • Hierarchies, Markets and Networks: A Public Administration View on SDI (Glenn Vancauwenberghe): abstract - presentation
  • SDI-development and the Slowness of Organisational Change. A Modern Sociotechnical Systems Approach (Ezra Dessers): abstract - presentation
  • Glance on the economic considerations, trade-offs and consequences related to the establishment of an SDI (Tessa Geudens): abstract - presentation
  • The SDI doesn't work? Let's blame the lawyers! - The impact of legal issues on the development of an SDI (Katleen Janssen): abstract - presentation
  • Technical Interoperability: How far should we Standardise in order to obtain a Successful SDI ? (Danny Vandenbroucke): abstract - presentation
  • The Missing Links (Zorica Nedovic-Budic): presentation
  • What have Hood and Jackson ever done for us? Persuasive argument versus explanatory theory in SDI development (Yola Georgiadou): presentation