Spatial Data Infrastructure and Public Sector Innovation  
About the project
  The central research question of the project is the following: What are the technical, legal, economic, sociological and public administrative requirements to develop an operational Flemish Spatial Data Infrastructure, consistent with international standards that is efficient, effective, flexible and feasible?
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Team members of SPATIALIST organise (or participate) following events:

  2011/11/07 - 11 Seminar Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI), latest trends and research, Leuven
  2011/03/18 Workshop on legal aspects of geographic data, Second edition, Leuven
  2010/10/17 Phd Student Workshop: Sharing SDI Research Approaches, Singapore
  2010/06/22 EuroSDR-project Atlas of INSPIRE Implementation methods, Krakow, Poland
  2010/03/19 Workshop on legal aspects of geographic data and spatial data
, Leuven
  2010/01/14-15 EuroSDR-project Atlas of INSPIRE Implementation methods
  2009/11/19-20 eSDInet+ Conference, Torino, Italy
  2009/06/16-19 GSDI-11 & INSPIRE 2009, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  2009/06/15 Pre-conference workshop on SDI, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  2009/06/14 Workshop: SDI at the intersection of technical and social sciences, Delft, The Netherlands
  2009/06/02-05 AGILE 2009, Hannover, Germany
  2009/04/28 eSDInet+ Workshop, Brussels, Belgium
  2009/04/29 Staten-Generaal, Brussels, Belgium
  2009/04/30 EuroSDR, Brussels, Belgium
  2009/02/27 Meeting Utility Group, Leuven, Belgium
  2009/02/13 Spatialist Workshop: Assessing SDI Impact on Society, Havana, Cuba
  2009/02/09-12 Geomatica 2009, Havana, Cuba
  2009/01/16 VVSG GIS workgroup, Brussels, Belgium


Other events
The members of the Spatialist-team publish in scientific as well as professional journals that somehow relate to the domain of spatial data infrastructures. In addition, they give presentations and lectures at national and international conferences and workshops.
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Some publications & research reports:

bol Dessers Ezra (2012). Spatial Data Infrastructures at work. A comparative case study on the spatial enablement of public sector processes. PHD. 366 p. (pdf)

bol SDI at Work. The Spatial Zoning Plans Case (2011)
bol SDI at Work. The Addresses Case (2011)
bol SDI at Work. The Flood Mapping Case (2012)


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